About Trainers Elite

About Trainers Elite



The philosophy behind Grandmaster Browning’s teaching is to add techniques and methods not change existing systems. Cross-training broadens skills, develops new awareness, and expands student knowledge and ability.

Trainers Elite Program.

Trainers Elite “The Ultimate In Self-Protection” is based on three principals: SIMPLE, PRACTICAL & EFFECTIVE. Without these three elements technique in a fight, wether in competition or on the street, will not work. Our base is drawn through Boxing, Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu, San Soo & Modern Arnis with the addition of many other styles to provide one with the ability to protect oneself in the event of an attack as well as for competition. Our Trainers Elite program is designed to provide you with the tools to become a well rounded martial artist from stand-up to ground. Everything we teach is based on self-defense.



Grandmaster Browning has developed practical, basic techniques that can easily be added in a few hours of training to other martial arts systems. These techniques complement and enhance existing systems, as his Accelerated Fighting System is a combination of these fighting arts he has studied and trained in over the years. Training is available in Boxing, Muay Thai Kickboxing, Jiu-Jitsu, Grappling, Kung Fu San Soo and Modern Arnis and self-defense, control and Law Enforcement techniques. This training includes punching, throwing, kicking, flow locks, takedowns, locks, chokes & traps, striking, stick and knife weapons and gun defense. One-on-one and small group classes are available. In addition to class material, personal training is offered in conditioning & strength training, and self-defense.

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Trainers Elite has produced 23 Golden Glove boxing champions and one Silver Glove boxing champion since 1995. We also have champions in Vale Tudo, Pancration and UFC events. We have provided training to competitive fighters, both amateur and professional, in boxing, kickboxing and submission fighting.

Off-Site Training & Seminars
One-two day seminars and camps outside the Trainers Elite facility can be arranged by contacting us at trainerselite@sbcglobal.net or calling 972-387-8500. Fees are based upon days and hours taught plus travel accommodations. Dates and times must be confirmed in advance. The format is flexible, and programs can cover a variety of topics or be tailored to meet certain specifications.

Additional Training:

Training with Grandmaster Browning or Tabitha before or after seminars is available.

“In A Real Fight You Can’t Hide What You Don’t Know.”


  • Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • World Martial Arts Hall of Fame
  • International Hall of Fame
  • Founder & Director of Trainers Elite & The Accelerated Fighting System
  • Professional Trainer in Boxing, Kickboxing & Submission Fighting
  • USA Boxing Amateur Coach
  • Pro Boxing Trainer
  • Pro MMA Trainer