Modern Arnis – Filipino Knife & Stick


The origins of arnis are difficult to trace as there are more than 7,000 styles of Filipino knife & stick fighting as each Island has its own style.  These styles came from those whoe settles the islands of India, Southeast Asia, China and Indonesia.  Diverse races and sultures blended heritages over the centuries thus procucing common methods of employing sharp swards, daggers and fire-hardened sticks in combat.  These highly sophisticated fighting styles have become popular in international martial arts.

Our Modern Arnis classes are part of our full MMA program.

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GM Remy Presas is the founder of Modern Arnis as he found the blend of Arnis into martial arts with the combining of striking through his knowledge of karate, judo and kenpo.  GM Presas incorporated empty hand moves, based on his knowledge of the same motions used in solo baston and sinawali.  GM Presas also used low kicks and takedowns for a more well-rounded approach to complete his system.

Right is Grandmaster Browning with Datu Tim Hartman – the highest ranked in Modern Arnis in the United States.  Visit Datu Hartman’s website for further information.

On July 26, 2008 Grandmaster Browning had the honor of being promoted to 5th Degree in Modern Arnis by Datu Tim Hartman, one of Grandmaster Remy Presas’ predecessors.

Stay tuned for more history on Modern Arnis, much of which is quoted and replicated from Remy Presas’ book of Modern Arnis – The Filipino Art of Stick Fighting, 1983.

GM Browning studied under Grandmaster Remy Presas for many years and was a close friend for GM Presas.  Many of GM Browning’s learning experiences came from GM Presas in hotel rooms, seminars & camps.

Our goal is not to make a stick or knife fighter of any of our students, but to give them a chance at survival in the event one is attacked with a knife, gun or blunt object.