Executive Boxing Club

“The Sweet Science of Boxing”

Tab jab bag

  • Need To Lose Weight?
  • Want To Get In Great Shape?
  • Train Like A Pro Fighter Without The Fight!

Gain endurance, speed, strength & skills through this world-class stress-relieving workout! Boxing is the ultimate workout for stress release, weight loss & muscle toning. Boxing workouts are an efficient & effective way to get in world class shape.  We provide the tools required for you to develop the endurance required to workout like a fighter along with the  physical and mental strength to sharpen your mind and sculpt you body. Executive Boxing Club incorporates shaddowboxing, mitt & bag work, pro boxing drills, footwork and conditioning drills for the best workout of your life!

This safe, healthy, energizing, stress-relieving club consists of cardio for the heart, burn for the fat, strength training to build lean, functional muscle and coaching for world class boxing skills.


Why Do A Boxing Workout?

  • Do you need a challenge in your workout?
  • Are you stressed out?
  • Do you find yourself breathing heavy and losing your legs after walking up two flights of stairs?
  • Boxing workouts provide stress relief, develops endurance, stamina, skill & discipline.

YOUR FIRST CLASS IS NO CHARGE. Contact us to reserve your spot, reservations are required.

15 Rounds To Fitness

Presented in a circuit training format, complete 15 rounds just like a real fighter, but without the fight! This non-sparring course will take you through a fast paced, butt kicking, hard punching, stress wrecking, killer workout that brings out the fighter inside all of us, burning fat faster than you can say Muhammad Ali!

Executive Boxing’s 15 Rounds To Fitness Includes 15 3-Minute Rounds Of:

  • Jump rope
  • Footwork
  • Shaddow boxing
  • Hand weights
  • Pad work
  • Heavy bag drills
  • Slip, bob & weave drills
  • Punching & counter punching
  • Offense & defense combinations
  • Boxing sit-ups
  • Pro-set boxing combinations
  • Eye-hand coordination
  • Quickness & power
  • Discipline & speed
  • Full body conditioning


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