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Need to lose weight? Want to get in great shape & have fun doing it?

 Gain endurance, speed, strength & skills through a world-class stress-relieving high intensity workout.

 A.B.S. Total Fitness Kickboxing provides you the ultimate total body workout to help you burn fat,develop lean muscle, reduce stress & gain  real skills.

 Through the resistance training of punching and kicking YOU CAN burn the fat off,
 build lean muscle & de-stress your entire body!

Tab push kick Lunge with ball

 The A.B.S. program is for teem & adults, men & women, all shapes, sizes & conditioning levels.

Never boxed or kicked before? No problem! We teach everyone from novice to pro.

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Tired of your old gym routines – getting nowhere on the treadmill – weight  machines weighing you down?  Do you want to have fun getting in shap, learn  real skills, develop lean functional muscles and have a team that keeps you  accountable?  Make great friends through working out and put a positive mark in  your life & draw your road to success.

 Every workout conditions your:

  • ABS
  • Arms
  • Shoulders
  • Legs
  • Thighs
  • Hips
  • Back
  • Butt
  • Mind
  • Attitude


Have A Blast While You Shape Down & Tone Up!

A.B.S. gives you a high energy workout everytime through a fast paced,butt kicking, knock-out punching, stress wrecking, killer burnout that melts the fat faster than you can put it on.  All while having a BLAST!


  • Boxing
  • Muay Thai Kickboxing
  • Shadow Boxing
  • Offensive/Defensive Drills
  • Punch-Kick Combinations
  • Medicine Ball Work
  • Core Work
  • Resistance Bands
  • Jump Rope
  • Medicine Ball Conditioning
  • Hand-Eye Coordinaton
  • Balance
  • Quickness & Power
  • Discipline & Speed
  • Fat Burning Drills
  • Boxing & Muay Thai Skills

High Energy Fat Blasting Workouts!

Your Trainer Tabitha Browning

A.B.S. Total Fitness Kickboxing was founded & designed by Tabitha Browning, owner & president of Trainers Elite, based on her experience & knowledge gained from collegiate athletics, coaching & training, boxing and mixed martial arts.

Rebuild Your Body – Regain Your Life!

Develop healthier body from the inside-out by implementing common sense eating habits.
Diets are ment to die, lifestyle changes last a lifetime.

Think You’re Already In Shape? Let A.B.S. Put You To The Test!

Take your fitness to another level.  A.B.S. will challenge your conditioning levels frospeed, quickness, strength & endurance.

Why Do An A.B.S. Workout?

Are You Stressed Out?

Time For A Lifestyle Change?

Need A Challenge In Your Workout?

A.B.S. Total Fitness Kickboxing workouts provide stress relief, develops endurance, discipline and rebuilds your energy along with building real skills all based on self-defense.

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